known world

The world is large. Larger than what is known. Some say that the world is infinite, stretching forever in every direction. Regardless, what is known of the world is larger than any man can keep in his head reasonably, and any small portion of it has areas as yet unexplored. These areas of wilderness or ruins are dangerous, but also contain wonders not found in the more civilized areas of the world. However, what is civilized is also dangerous, for creatures of reason can be just as powerful as areas of magic.

The area which your characters will start in is called the Delta Kingdom. Ruled from the golden city of Parnople, the Detla Kingdom is a kingdom of man, found along the lower half of the greatest river in the world. The plains surrounding the river are quite fertile, and the delta kingdom is the most populous of all known areas. It is ruled by the Golden Sun God-King, who has been in power the past thousand years. The kingdom is strong, keeps a large military force, and is the richest of the known kingdoms.

To the north along the river lies the free city-state of Lutece and its protectorate villages in the foothills of the mountains at the top of the world. Lutece is also a city of man, but allows citizenship of all races.

North of Lutece, above the foothills, begins the top of the world, a mountain range that extends from as far west as anyone has ever traveled to where it meets the sea at the east and tapers into the archipelago. The Dwarves live in the barren mountain regions east Lutece, where they supply all metals and most forged goods to the known world.

East of the Dwarves, on the Garven Peninsula, lives the Hafling race. Living in small, self-sufficient warrens, halflings are farmers, livestock herders, and landscapers. There are frequent skirmishes between villages on the east end of the Delta Kingdom and Halflings attempting to form new settlements nearby.

On the archipelago that extends from the Garven Peninsula live the Meraden, or Sea Elves. Viewed as uncultured and barbaric, the Sea Elves stay to their islands and war canoes. Their existence makes crossing or exploring the archipelago quite dangerous.

To the west of the river plains lies the great forest. At the north end live the Elves in their convent fortresses. Elves have tasted themselves with understanding the true nature of the world, and live in large settlements which open to the outside world only on a regular schedule — whether every day or every millennium.

South of the Elves live the Gnomes, short magic-using artisans whose craftsmanship is known as the best in the world. Gnomes live in small guild-run communities that specialize in specific kinds of work.

Further south, the great forest gets warmer and more wetter, turning into a sprawling jungle. Little is known of this area, although lizardmen kingdoms are fairly well confirmed.

South of the jungle lies the straight of Autua, and beyond that the grassy continent of Farthua. It is rumored that Farthua was home of a great civilization several thousand years ago.

known world

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